[Free] Stress Fractures, Bone Bruises, and Shin Splints: Everything You Need to Know to Make the Right Treatment Decision – Epub

Stress fractures, bone bruises, and shin splints may cause pain for many weeks or even many months and interrupt normal activities. These injuries can be difficult to diagnose and MRI is required to determine the extent of the problem. Most stress fractures and shin splints are associated with sports and military training. A sudden or rapid increase in training, improper footwear, or a change in surface may cause these injuries. Bone bruises usually occur from an injury and frequently accompany other major problems such as a knee ligament tear. Early detection of these injuries is important because, if left untreated, they may progress to a complete fracture or not completely heal. Two medical professionals – Dr. Frank Noyes, an internationally renowned orthopaedic surgeon, and Sue Barber-Westin, Director of Clinical Research at the Cincinnati SportsMedicine Research Foundation – have written this eBook to help patients understand these injuries and the treatment options available.

Frank R. Noyes, M.D. and Sue Barber-Westin, B.S.

Dr. Frank Noyes is an internationally renowned orthopaedic surgeon and researcher and Founder of the Cincinnati SportsMedicine and Orthopaedic Center and its Research Foundation. He has conducted landmark research on the biomechanics of ligaments, prevention of ACL injuries in the female athlete, the diagnosis of knee injuries and problems, and the results of treatment for a variety of knee disorders. Dr. Noyes has won awards from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, the American Orthopaedic Society of Sports Medicine, the Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation, and the University of Cincinnati. He was inducted into the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine’s Hall of Fame in 2008, was selected as one of the 25 Best Knee Surgeons in the U.S. by Becker’s Orthopedic&Spine Review in 2010, and has been selected as one of the Best Doctors in America every year since 1992. Dr. Noyes is an author on 270 scientific articles and chapters. Sue Barber-Westin is the Director of Clinical Research at the Cincinnati SportsMedicine Research Foundation. Her work has focused on the clinical outcome of knee operations, methods used to determine the results of studies, differences in neuromuscular indices between male and female athletes, effects of neuromuscular training in female athletes, and prevention of ACL injuries in female athletes. She is an author on 140 scientific articles and chapters. Noyes and Barber-Westin are editors of 2 textbooks: Noyes’ Knee Disorders: Surgery, Rehabilitation, Clinical Outcomes and ACL Injuries in the Female Athlete: Causes, Impacts, and Conditioning Programs. They have written 8 other eBooks on knee ligament, meniscus, kneecap, arthritis, and knee scarring (arthrofibrosis) problems designed for both patients and medical professionals.

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