[VIP] Behavior Management in Dentistry for Children, 2nd Edition

Guiding patient behavior is as important as ever for the practicing dentist, and the behavior of pediatric patients is perhaps the

Behavior Management in Dentistry for Children, 2nd Edition

Behavior Management in Dentistry for Children, 2nd Edition

most challenging to manage. Drs. Wright and Kupietzky here update Dr. Wright’s classic work on managing pediatric dental patients.

Behavior Management in Dentistry for Children,
2nd Edition, has been entirely rewritten and includes the latest and most effective management strategies from an international team of experts in the field. The book addresses the influence of family and parenting styles on children’s behavior and the factors that determine how children behave in the dental office. Pharmacological and non-pharmacological management techniques are described in depth, as are techniques for dealing with special needs patients. Clinical scenarios are described throughout the book, with practical application of the taught principles. The final part of the book covers the dental environment—training office personnel to manage children’s behavior, practical considerations for behavior guidance, and the effects of the physical dental office environment.

Behavior Management in Dentistry for Children,
2nd Edition, is ideal for pediatric residents, dental students, and practicing dentists who see children on a regular basis.


Editors, ix

Contributors, xi

Acknowledgments, xv

Chapter 1 Introductory Remarks, 3
Gerald Z. Wright, Ari Kupietzky

Chapter 2 Understanding Key Moments in Child Development, 11
Eileen Wood

Chapter 3 Children’s Behavior in the Dental Office, 23
Jaap S.J. Veerkamp, Gerald Z. Wright

Chapter 4 Influence of the Family, 35
Barbara Sheller

Chapter 5 Establishing a Dental Home, 53
Anna B. Fuks, Ari Kupietzky

Chapter 6 Non-Pharmacologic Approaches in Behavior Management, 63
Gerald Z. Wright, Ari Kupietzky

Chapter 7 Children with Disabilities, 93
Gunilla Klingberg

Chapter 8 Local Anesthesia, 107
Steven Schwartz, Ari Kupietzky

Chapter 9 Introduction to Pharmacological Techniques: A Historical Perspective, 125
Gerald Z. Wright, Ari Kupietzky

Chapter 10 Sedation for the Pediatric Patient, 131
Stephen Wilson

Chapter 11 Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen Inhalation Sedation in Children, 145
Dimitris Emmanouil, Ari Kupietzky

Chapter 12 Minimal and Moderate Sedation Agents, 159
Stephen Wilson

Chapter 13 Working with a Dentist Anesthesiologist, 177
Kenneth L. Reed, Amanda Jo Okundaye

Chapter 14 The Use of General Anesthesia in Behavior Management, 185
Marcio A. da Fonseca, Travis Nelson

Chapter 15 Management of Emergencies Associated with Pediatric Dental Sedation, 197
Kenneth L. Reed, Amanda Jo Okundaye

Chapter 16 Practical Considerations and the Dental Team, 211
Jonathon E. Lee, Brian D. Lee

Chapter 17 The Dental Office, 227
Jonathon E. Lee, Brian D. Lee, Gerald Z. Wright, Ari Kupietzky

Index, 241

Author Information

Dr. Gerald Z. Wright is a Diplomate and Past President of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry and Fellow of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada. He is Professor Emeritus of Western University. Dr. Wright has edited four textbooks, written numerous peer-reviewed articles about behavior management of the pediatric dental patient and served on the editorial board of four journals. Dr. Wright is past Secretary General of the International Association of Paediatric Dentistry and has received many professional honors, including receiving the Medal of Paris for his work with children, and the Honoris Doctoris Causa awarded by the Belarussian State Medical University for his work in that country.

Dr. Ari Kupietzky is a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and Diplomate of the American Board of Pediat

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